5 Minute Egg McSandwich

egg sandwich
egg sandwich

Have you ever had the craving for an Egg McMuffin, but you didn’t want to leave the house? This video shows you how to make a 5 minute egg McSandwich, something even better in less than five minutes on any cook-top with just a few simple ingredients!


  • Italian bread – 2 slices
  • Butter
  • 2 eggs
  • Salt, pepper, or your favorite seasoning
  • Canadian bacon
  • Cheddar cheese slices


Make a circular hole in the middle to two slices of Italian bread. Don’t worry, it will be okay. Then preheat a frying pan to medium hotness, and drop some butter on the pan.

Before the butter is completely melted, place the bread on the pan on top of the butter and slightly coat the bottom of the bread with the butter on the pan. Do this by moving the bread on the pan on top of the butter. Drop an egg in the middle of each bread hole. This will make the bookend of the 5 minute egg McSandwich.

Season to taste and add more butter on top of the bread while it is still cooking on the pan. After a little over a minute, flip the bread and egg to the other side and place the Canadian bacon on the pan for cooking.

In about another minute, turn the bread and eggs once again. In addition, turn the Canadian bacon to cook the other side. Then place a slice of cheddar cheese on opposite sides of each slice of bread.

Finally, assemble by forming a sandwich with the bread, cheese, and Canadian bacon.


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