Boating Moms

Boating moms hold a unique position when you are on a boating trip with your family. It’s her instinct to protect her children, but she might be yearning to just relax and enjoy a day on the water. Moms and boating can, however, go together quite nicely. If you are a boating mom, rest assured, you can have a great day boating on the water and still be a mom.

Keep Them Busy

Boating moms know that the secret to enjoying a day onboard with their kids is to provide alternate activities to keep them busy. At the same time, you take a few moments to soak up the sun. This includes bringing along some board games or coloring books to occupy a little bit of time. In addition, allow your older kids to bring their handheld electronics.

Mom Teach While Boating

Take this time to teach your children about the water. This is a great learning opportunity to show them different kinds of animal and plant life. You can also teach them boating safety, steer the boat, and what they need to know when they get older and want to go boating themselves.

Feed The Kids

Boating moms also know to bring along plenty of snacks. Kids get hungry. What happens onboard the boat too, and is no different than in your living room. Have plenty of treats available like fruit snacks, Jell-O cups, bananas, and trail mix. You can also make the day extra special by allowing the kids something they don’t usually get, like chips and soda.

Have Fun

Let your kids have fun. It’s easy to become worried about your kids jumping in the water from the side of the boat – especially if you are moored in the middle of the water. There’s no land around, so how can you keep them safe? Just make sure they are wearing their life jackets and that they fit correctly. Then you can let them enjoy the water. Jump in with them too! You’ll enjoy it as well!

Moms who love boating will help their children love boating just as much as they do. Let them see you having fun. Participate in water skiing and tubing. Laugh a lot and let them know that, without a doubt, you love the water and the boat that brought you there.


Boating is an excellent activity for the whole family. Boating moms hold a unique position during these outings. She’s the one to go to when the kids are bored, when they’re hungry, and when they just want a hug or two. You can be a safe boating mom without neglecting yourself on your boating trip. Just use your head, lay back, and enjoy the journey with your whole family, knowing that you really can have it all!

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