Why Should You Take a Boating Safety Course?

Powerful watercraft

If you are serious about boating and want to make sure you make it back home, you really need to look into taking a boating safety course. When you are in charge of a powerful watercraft on the water, it’s so very important to practice safe boating procedures for both you and your fellow boaters.

Where do you find a boating safety course?

There are all sorts of boating safety courses available to you when you look around. Check with the local marina and ask about what they have scheduled. If there is a boating club nearby, they will almost always offer a boating safety course for a small fee. Club professionals usually teach these courses, so you’ll know you are getting some good advice.

US Coast Guard can help

Turn to the United States Coast Guard for some really great tips on boating safety. The courses that are sanctioned by the USCG are taught all around the country. They take boating safety very seriously, so taking a USCG boating safety course will get you all the information you need.

Turn to the internet

With the rising popularity of the Internet, we are seeing more and more opportunities online. Taking a boating safety course is no different. There are many, many places online where you can take a course from the comfort of your own home. They will take you step-by-step through what you need to know and then quiz you on your progress. Here are a few places we’ve found that offer online boating courses:

All of these courses are designed to teach you what you need to know about boating safety and prepare you for your next boating trip.

Boating with little ones

Include the little ones

There are also many websites that have boating safety courses online for kids as well. It’s essential that children know how to stay safe onboard a boat. These courses are fun as well as informative and are geared directly to the younger generation. Ultimately, knowing the little ones may be prepared during an emergency and will make good choices on the water will give you peace of mind.

What would you learn in a boating safety course?

You will see that these boating safety courses cover a variety of topics such as boat handling, reading the weather, required equipment on board, and the importance of wearing a life vest. Traditionally, licensed professionals teach live boating safety courses. For the most part, the online courses are often sanctioned by organizations that make them legitimate.


Taking a boating safety course can be the best step you can ever take toward responsible boating. Nothing will replace the information you’ll get and you can take to the waters knowing that you are fully prepared to boat safely and respectfully.

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