Hack My Meal

See how we are cooking on the boat, as it is a regular part of every day life. We like to share our favorite meals for you to enjoy in your own home.

  • 20 Minute Real Philly Cheesesteak
    After growing up in Philly and moving away, I know it is hard to find a real cheesesteak outside of the Philly area. After years of research, as well as trial and error, I have perfected a real Philly cheesesteak that is quick and easy to make at home!!! This authentic Philly cheeesteak will surprise… Read more: 20 Minute Real Philly Cheesesteak
  • Easy Chicken Instant Pot Pie
    Make a Chicken Pie with a Instant Pot? Yes, with some modern appliances and out of the box thinking, you can create fast easy comfort food these days. Chicken Pot Pie from scratch used to take a while, but now you can have all that goodness in no time!!! Ingredients 1 Large Potato Montreal Steak… Read more: Easy Chicken Instant Pot Pie
  • 5 Minute Egg McSandwich
    Have you ever had the craving for an Egg McMuffin, but you didn’t want to leave the house? This video shows you how to make a 5 minute egg McSandwich, something even better in less than five minutes on any cook-top with just a few simple ingredients! Ingredients Italian bread – 2 slices Butter 2… Read more: 5 Minute Egg McSandwich