Creating an Epoxy Tumbler: Crafting on the Boat

Find out how you can create an epoxy tumbler while living on your boat.

Crafting, sewing, creating continues while living on the boat. I have created epoxy items for Aeon and other boat friends. Our first epoxy project was the galley table, which we completed while we still had our home. The tumblers are a labor of love that has mostly been present for friends and family.

Gather all your materials for the epoxy tumbler

  1. 2 part epoxy
  2. Cup or tumbler
  3. Sticker (made with Cricut or premade)
  4. A tumbler turner or DIY manual cup holder
  5. Some cardboard or layers of newspaper to catch spills
  6. A heat source: heat gun or simple firestarter
  7. Small disposable cup
  8. Gloves

Prepare your work area

Set up the tumbler on the tumbler turner with paper or cardboard underneath. While wearing the gloves, mix the epoxy in the disposable cup as directed. Usually, you mix the two-part epoxy on a one-to-one ratio. Make sure you measure because if you don’t you will end up with a sticky cup – speaking from experience.

Set up and begin

Once the epoxy is ready, start pouring it on the tumbler. Carefully pour until the cup is completely covered. Use the gloved hand to redistribute the epoxy. I usually distribute the epoxy from rim to bottom while it is turning, making sure it is completely covered.

Finish the Epoxy Tumbler

Let the tumbler continue turning until it’s mostly dry. If you are using a DIY turner and hand turning the tumbler, continue doing quarter turns every 20 minutes or more often. The only way I found to get this done without the turner is to set a timer for every 10 minutes, but end up checking it more often. At this time, use the heat gun or firestarter to pop the tiny bubbles that inevitably develop. I usually use the heat gun or firestarter on the epoxy prior to pouring it on the tumbler. This will reduce the number of bubbles. There are always bubbles, it is normal and expected, so do not be concerned.


You will know it is completed when the epoxy no longer moves and it is slightly tacky. This will take more than four hours, so be patient. In reality, every tumbler I’ve made is almost ruined from touching it too soon. So, it is extremely important to be patient. After it is dry and no longer tacky move it to an out of the way area and wait another 24 hours before using it. If it is still tacky then you did something wrong (sorry) and you will have to live with it or fix it.

Congratulations! You have now completed an epoxy tumbler/cup. This is a great accomplishment.

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