Electric vs. Induction Stove on a Boat

We are always looking for new ways to save electricity on our boat. One place to reduce consumption is in the galley, so we recently bought a induction burner. As we are using it, it made us think about the differences between the electric and induction burners.

We had to take some time to compare the two. In the end, we are going to find a way to permanently install the induction stove on the boat, but until then we’re probably going to be using both.

Electric Stove vs. Induction Stove

Are you interested in and planning to live on a boat or are you already living your life on a boat? Living on a boat can be challenging. Everything you use should be smaller and easier to use when you live on a boat. Whether you are living in a house or on a boat, you can run out of essentials at any time. So how do you fulfill your needs in cooking if you are living on a boat? What is the cooking stove you are using? If the cooking stove you are already using is the right one you should use when living on a boat? Which cookware will be compatible with your specific cooktop? Let’s find out everything you need to know about cooking stoves when living on your boat.

What is an Electric Stove?

An electric stove is a device that people use for cooking. The electricity of an electric stove runs to the wire inside the coils.

Electric Stove

What is an Induction Stove?

An induction stove is a cooking device that works differently from an electric stove by providing heat through the coils in the surface stove.

Induction stove
Induction Stove

Electric vs. Induction stove on a boat. Which one suits you the best?

  • Power consumption

You will not require much power with an induction stove as electric stove needs. The cooktop of the induction stove uses power only where it is needed. You can save power consumption by using an induction stove because it does not consume electricity as an electric stove does. Therefore, using an induction stove would be more economical than using an electric stove.

  • Environmental friendliness 

An induction stove requires less energy and faster than an electric stove. You can save money that you have to spend on electricity and also this stove generates less residual heat.

  • Safety

An induction stove is safer to use because the burner of the induction stove is less hot than electric stove burners. The burner of an induction stove gets much cooler after turning it off than electric stove burners.

  • Cleaning

Induction stoves are much easier to clean when comparing the cleaning of electric stoves.

  • Time

Induction cooking is faster than cooking with electric stoves because induction heat is powerful enough to heat faster than electric stoves. Therefore, induction cooking is more efficient than electric cookstoves.

The need for using specific pots

How do you choose the best induction cookware? Which pots will be safe on induction cooktops? Since the induction stoves heat only the pot, you will have to choose pots with wide and flat bottoms to distribute the heat easily throughout the pot. Your induction cookware must have steel or magnetic iron-based material. Cookware made with copper or aluminum will not work on induction cooktops. You will have to ensure to choose cookware that will work on induction cooktops to avoid complications. We bought these (https://amzn.to/3ni8UIu) from Amazon and they work pretty good.


Induction stove has become trending in many countries today including the USA. By looking at electric vs. induction stove, an induction stove can be the best option you can have when cooking in a boat. You can cook all your meals quicker and safer while living your life on the boat.



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