Episode 14: Strap Fail While Hauling Out

hauling out at 3D Boat Yard

We are back, fellow adventurers! Welcome aboard as we take you along on our journey through the ins and outs of boat maintenance. Departing from Key West, we’re off to 3D Boatyard on Stock Island for some hauling out action, and we’re thrilled to have you join us (Check out the YouTube Video).

As we cruise the waters, maneuvering past powerboats and jet skiers, a blend of excitement and apprehension fills the air. Hauling out our boat always brings a mix of emotions, especially given past surprises from contractors.

This isn’t our first rodeo. In fact, it’s our fifth time hauling out in as many years, each time presenting its unique challenges. But armed with a solid plan and trust in the Boatyard staff, we’re prepared to face whatever comes our way.

From scraping barnacles off the hull to replacing worn hardware, every task demands meticulous attention and plenty of elbow grease. And while painting may not be our favorite task, there’s undeniable satisfaction in completing it.

Despite a few obstacles – like a pickup truck blocking our path and unexpected rain delays – we persevere, determined to ready our boat for the next adventure.

After days of hard labor and numerous trips to the hardware store, our boat is finally back in the water, gliding smoothly into her slip. It’s a moment of relief and anticipation as we watch her return to her home port.

But the adventure doesn’t stop here. With plans to explore the Bahamas, the Dry Tortugas, or even embark on the Great Loop, we’re already envisioning our next voyage.

So hop aboard and join us on this journey of ups and downs, victories and trials. And if you want to witness the action firsthand, don’t forget to check out the full video on YouTube.

Fair winds and following seas, mates!

Working hard during!
Aeon on the hard
Chris and Ivy on the way to hauling out

Living Full Time On A Boat
The good times and the bad…

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