Lithium Batteries Install on a Boat

We spent multiple hours on the river without the ability to turn the boat back on (long story). For this reason, the best decision we made to improve our energy use was install three 100 Amp Hour Battleborn Lithium batteries.

Where did we originally install the lithium battery?

We purchased Aeon a little over 3 years ago. And several months after the purchase, we installed the lithium batteries on the starboard side of our engine room. This was an empty spot on a shelf behind the starboard engine.

We had to move the location of the batteries

Our friendly mechanic pointed out the condition of the battery shelf. It turned out the shelf the lithium batteries were installed on was not stable. This shelf was rotting and falling apart. In addition, Aeon was listing (leaning) noticeably to starboard.

The lithium batteries found a new home in the engine room

The gen-set that came with Aeon stopped working, so we now had a little more room in the engine room. So, now our batteries are installed on a two-tier, dedicated shelf system built in the center of our engine room where our gen-set used to live. This location makes the lithium batteries easily accessible, and this addition left us prepared to add more batteries.

So, we added more lithium batteries

We came across a great deal and it gave us the chance to add buy more lithium batteries. So, we recently added three more 100 Amp Hour Battleborn batteries. These new batteries were installed on the top shelf of the new two-tier dedicated shelf system.

We are loving the extra capacity.

We got a great deal on these batteries from the YouTube channel Learning the Lines with the help of our good friends on SV Clarabelle.

What’s next?

Now we just need to add more solar so we can really take advantage of all this storage!!!

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