The Plan

Sell your house and live on a Gulfstar Mark II Trawler? That is exactly what we did a couple of yeas ago. We are both in education and are hoping to begin traveling when we retire in 8 to 10 years (lol!!!!!!!). I know this sounds like a jail sentence, but sometimes that is what it feels like.

Join us on our adventures in our Gulfstar Trawler.

Chris & Ivy on Aeon

Where are we now?

So far, we sold our home and moved into our trawler in the NorthEast Florida coast – Jacksonville area. Our Gulfstar Trawler is our permanent home.

What’s Next?

Continue working and paying down debt until we qualify for retirement. That can be anytime between seven to nine years.

What else?

We will complete some extensive boat projects like adding more solar and completing a galley re-fit prior to leaving. There will be more improvements made to facilitate our journey once we leave the dock for good.

Conclusion – Why Blog?

We began this blog and are hoping to continue it to provide additional information to those interested on going through the same process. Many have hopes of “sailing off” but most do not begin in a motor yatch-trawler. add information

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