Top 10 anchoring spots around downtown Jacksonville

The city, Jacksonville has lots of attractions that appeal to both tourists and locals alike. There are various activities in this little town of Florida, and one of such activities is boating.

The town has various waterways, beaches, parks and ecological preservations thus providing an experience in the minds of whoever comes here away from the city.

Boating in Jacksonville offers endless adventure on its blue waters and several lakes, and there’s something for everyone; from the fisherman and boat owner to the show spectators. Here you will find the top 10 anchoring spots around downtown Jacksonville.

St John’s River

This is one of the largest rivers in Florida; it stretches from Jacksonville to East of Orlando. This 310 miles of river is one of the top ten anchors for boats in Jacksonville town.

This river includes variety of options for boaters, the town of Jacksonville offers quality saltwater and freshwater fishing, and boating activities for sporting events.

Explore the various freshwater springs that are boat-accessible such as Silver Glen Run, Salt Springs, Juniper Springs, and Blue Spring located along the banks of the St. John’s River.

Ft. George Inlet

This is a local boater haven which is located where the Ft. George River opens up into the Atlantic Ocean.

It is one of the Top 10 anchoring spots around downtown Jacksonville and its beaches are clear and pristine, and the waters of the Ft. George Inlet are shallow and always moving thus giving it a clarity that motivates the locals to nick name it the First Coast “Bahamas.”

Mill Cove

Mill Cove is one of the Top 10 anchoring spots around downtown Jacksonville and is along the St. John’s River. Also, Mill Cove is a great anchorage for day boaters and cruisers and while the tides can be strong, the open waters are relatively calm for watersports such as wakeboarding and waterskiing.

Dotted with marshy islands, Mill Cove is also a favorite of anglers for backwater fishing.

Exchange Club Island

St. John’s River is home to many other little rivers and creeks in Jacksonville, and among the Top 10 anchoring spots around downtown Jacksonville is Exchange Club Island.

It is immersed in the hubbub of the St. John’s River and sits underneath the Matthews Bridge as it makes its way through Downtown Jacksonville. This is home to day boaters and its floating dock, shady trails and quiet beaches makes it worth exploring for day boaters and adventurers alike.

Intracoastal Waterways

Boaters can hop on the breathtaking waterway off the St. John’s River in the historic Mayport fishing village. The Intracoastal Waterway is one of Top 10 anchoring spots around downtown Jacksonville

For boaters and adventurers alike as it is full of marshes and wetlands. In addition, it is a great view of the area, Dolphins, Birds and Manatees. For this reason, this waterway is one of the best ways to enjoy downtown Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville beach is also one of the Top 10 anchoring spots around downtown Jacksonville where you can boat off the coast and head to Jacksonville for great watersport and fishing events.

The biggest draw to the coast is fishing for dolphin, tuna, grouper, and more. Fishing is huge in Jacksonville and it’s one of the perks of being a boater here. At the mouth of the St. John River and the Atlantic Ocean is the Mayport Jetties, one of the best spots for local anglers.

Julington Creek

Cruise over to Julington Creek and dock for lunch or dinner at Clark’s Fish Camp Seafood Restaurant. There’s even a live alligator and turtles for you to see after you’ve had your fill of some of the best fresh seafood around.

No matter where you choose to spend your day on the water, whether it be drifting on the river or beaching in a coastal inlet, one thing is certain; the boating traffic will be less than in other parts of the Sunshine state making it easy to let go and unwind!

Goodby’s Creek

Goodby’s Creek Boat Ramp is located on the South Side of Goodby’s Lake and is one of the Top 10 anchoring spots around downtown Jacksonville. The Boat Ramp is available to day boaters and adventure seekers in the area. The area is also ADA accessible and has three lanes.

Mandarin Park

Mandarin Park is located adjacent to Julington Creek in the Mandarin section of southeast Jacksonville. A leading producer of oranges in North America for most of the 1800’s, the community acquired its name from the Mandarin orange that was grown there. The Mandarin Community Club, which was established in 1923, takes a very active interest in the area’s parks and is one of the Top 10 anchoring spots around downtown Jacksonville.

Northbank Riverwalk – Jacksonville Landing

The Northbank Riverwalk extends from Berkman Plaza to I-95 in Riverside, and is the focus of many premier downtown events; the Northbank Riverwalk offers a fantastic view of the St. Johns River for you to stroll at your leisure and is one of the Top 10 anchoring spots around downtown Jacksonville.

Boat docks along the Northbank Riverwalk are available between the Main Street and Acosta Bridges as well as at the end of Liberty Street and in front of the Riverside Arts Market (market days and special events only).

A shoreline canoe/kayak launch is also available at Geffen Park at the end of Forest Street/Alfred DuPont Place.

Linger for a few days and check out Jacksonville’s world-class fishing. The city hosts one of the largest kingfish tournaments in Florida and the shallow-water fishing in the salt marshes is as good as it gets.

Boating in Florida offers endless adventure on its turquoise waters and nearly 30,000 lakes. There’s something for everyone whether you’re looking to for a slow and leisurely ride along the waterfront or a little thrill-seeking.

About 40 miles to the south, St. Augustine is the nation’s oldest city and first seaport. Dock at the City Marina and take off on foot to explore the 144-block historic district and the Castillo de San Marcos, a Spanish fortress built in 1672.

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