Why did we cut up our boat bimini top? To improve it!

We had to improve the premade bimini top by adding zippers.

bimini without the canvas

What kind of bimini top we had

Over a year ago installed an inexpensive pre-made bimini frame that came with canvas. It was a quick solution to an existing problem.  It was also pretty inexpensive compared to making my own bimini top or buying a pre-made kit. The install was relatively easy. We removed our bimini and replaced it with a new one and that was that.

Why did we cut our bimini top and added zippers?

A few months later, we found a great deal on semi flexible solar panels and decided we were going to install them on the bimini. That was when we discovered the big downfall of our new bimini top. In order to remove the canvas we needed to take off the frames and bring the whole thing down and then we had to repeat the process to install it once we were done with the solar panel install.

In the meantime, we’ve had some winds that, if it would have been easier to remove the Bimini canvas, we would have done so, but instead we went ahead and took the chance because we knew how much of a pain it would be to try to bring it down.

How did we decide to make a change

The other day we were sitting on the back deck enjoying the fly bridge and the view around us and somebody (me) looked at the bimini and said “oh well we can just install zippers, if we install zippers then we can just remove the Bimini canvas without having to bring the whole thing down.” So that was the plan.

That’s why this past weekend we purposely cut our new bimini off of its frame.

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