Zipper Install on Fixed Canvas Bimini

Buying a premade bimini top can be an easy, quick and inexpensive solution. On the other hand, premade bimini tops can be difficult to use because do not have a zipper. This is how you can install a zipper on the fixed canvas bimini.

Prepare to cut the bimini top

Measure all the areas where you will be installing zippers; in order to compare that with standard zipper sizes. Use this information to order as many zippers as you need.

If you are cutting your own zippers to size then you just need to measure how much you would need to make all the zippers and order that many yards.

Begin cutting the bimini top

Once you have all your materials gathered, use a sharp razor blade, knife, or scissors.  I marked where I wanted to cut with white chalk on our dark blue bimini, but use whatever works in your situation. I used my hands to measure and mark where to cut the line. This was a rough estimate. Once I did that to all the areas that were holding the canvas in place, I cut the openings with scissors.

Remove the bimini canvas from the frame

We brought down the bimini to the sewing area which was our main cabin and we removed the solar panels from the canvas.

I used Shelter-Rite® black fabric to strengthen the area where the zippers were going to go. Use double-sided basting tape to put together the Shelter-Rite® fabric and zipper and attach it to the existing canvas opening.

Sew the zippers in place

At this time, sew all the zippers in place. In addition and for extra security, I added a second line of stitching to all the zippers.


In retrospect, I could have installed these zippers from the beginning but we didn’t realize how important it was to be able to remove the bimini quickly due to unpredictable weather. I think this will be a great option for anybody who would like to buy a less expensive pre-made canvas and have the custom features of a custom-made canvas after adding your own zippers. Furthermore, the whole project cost us around $200 to complete. We are very happy with how it turned out!

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